Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mintees Tee of the Day - Flight of the Keybirds

Surprise surprise, my "Flight of the Keybirds" design got TOTD over at Mintees! No, seriously, it did catch me by surprise; I didn't find out about it until my brother pointed it out to me.

The illustration is also displayed as my new blog header, which I changed a couple days ago. I plan on having the headers for my website, blog, and store display a different image while demonstrating some sort of cohesion at the same time.

Here's a link to the illustration from my past post:

and here's a link to the shirt design on Mintees:

P.S: it's only fair that I also announce that my "Unlocking Horizons" design also received TOTD over at Mintees. Sorry for not posting about it, Unlocking Horizons. We love you.

Enough blog posts for the week.

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