Thursday, May 28, 2009

update #16 (The Jelly King)

Finally finished!!! but don't expect it to be printed for awhile, though. I'm going to wait awhile until I send it off.

I made a bunch of colorways for it too. I'm really loving the first one (the blueish-green one). I can imagine the design working great for both girl and guy shirts. Plus the blueish color doesn't stand out too much and works well on the white shirt. I created the second colorway just to see how the design would look like on a dark colored shirt... not really a fan of this one, but the colors I can use for this certain design are nearly limitless. The third colorway was the intended colors I wanted for the design, but the wide range of colors made the design stand out too much on the white shirt, making the design look too slapped-on.

I'm glad that I'm done with this design. Now I can start on a new one! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

update #15 (le tigre review)

My le tigre design has been getting good reviews and has been selling well at (as far as I know). It has been featured on Compete-tee-tion, a blog about the world of tshirt competition sites. You can view the blog here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

update #14 (sneaky peeky)

I'm pretty much done with the hands-on portion of this design.

I was going to hold off showing the full design until I got it mocked up on a shirt, but since you can clearly see the drawing in the first photo, I might as well show you guys what I got so far.

Not complete yet, but everything I do from this point on will be photoshop based. I'm gonna throw some watercolor textures on it and darken some areas to create some more depth. I should really get the ball rolling on another design though.

Le Tigre @

Flippin' sweet!

The shirt is on sale for $18 during the first 24 hours. After that, the shirt will be sold at it's original price of $25.

Buy here:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

update #13 (Mother's Day)

Some Mother's Day cards! First one was for my mom, and the second was for my grandma.

It's surprising to see how an art piece turns out when you're pressed for time and have little to no idea of what you're going to draw.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Is that for an art project or for recycling?"

"Both! :D" I replied to the lady inquiring about my 3D design project. The goal of this assignment was to demonstrate density. Our form had to be made up of objects that had a theme. The theme I chose was a recycling plant, hence all the plastic bottles... but I can actually spin a second theme if I wanted to: water/drinks my household consumes in the span of a couple weeks.

My professor wanted us to create a form that looked as if it had its own gravitational field, or a central point that is pulling everything into it. The photos don't do it justice, but the sculpture looks as if it is floating and that there's a central point sucking in all these plastic bottles and crushing and compacting them the closer they get to the center.

This project was challenging because my sculpture would fall apart in between working sessions, so it was like taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back every time I would go back to work on the sculpture. Hot gluing plastic bottles together is tougher than it looks... I actually don't know it the sculpture will hold together till monday... hopefully it does.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it to class in one piece.

EDIT: So it turns out my sculpture wasn't able to hold itself together until monday. I've been checking up on it every once in awhile, but upon closer inspection today I discovered that one of the supporting legs broke. It was tough, but I was able to fix it and even add more bottles to it.

Oh yea, my Teefury shirt arrived a acouple days ago! I was really impressed, but I have to make a note not to make my designs too detailed, or at least make the details larger. Some of the design's finer details were lost because they were just too small when it came to printing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

update #12 (nothing new)

My Spring semester is wrapping up, so I haven't had the time to do any new art... thus I have nothing really to post about! I am however working on a new 3D design sculpture that includes lots and lots of water bottles. It's literally a mess, and I'm debating if I should post it once I'm done with it. Just imagine a ball of water bottles that's about 2 feet in diameter.

Another interesting tidbit, DBH is holding some super prize give away, and I must say... the prizes look pretty neat. If you scroll down and read some of it and look at the prize photos, I think you might see something familiar...

I also took the time to add a comment or two. Take a gander if you'd like.