Friday, April 23, 2010


Assignment: Illustrate a map.

This was a very open ended assignment. I chose to map out my entire Monday/Wednesday, which are the days where I spend most of the day at school. My original concept started with me waking up and ended with me going to bed. This concept was obviously too ambitious, so I had to trim the concept down in order for me to complete the project on time. I decided to cut my concept in half and only mapped out from the time I woke up to the time I got home from school. My illustration would have been at least twice the length it is now have I stuck with my original concept! I had to shrink the canvas size to six inches tall in order to keep the file size small, but the illustration would still be around 7 feet long if I decided to print it out. Luckily I didn't have to print it out for my presentation... that would have been expensive, especially for something that might need revisions.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

...and our minds will fail us

Assignment: Choose two subjects from the lists of available subjects. Create an illustration portraying your two chosen subjects. There were two lists of subjects, and I was only allowed to pick one subject per list.

I chose mental illness as one of my subjects and human anatomy as my other. I discovered an interesting way of approaching the assignment; I noticed that one list of subjects could act as a list of editorial article themes and that the other list could act as the subject matter of the illustration used for the editorial article. For instance, mental illness would be the theme of the editorial article and human anatomy would be the subject matter for the illustration I would create for the article.

The conceptualizing for this piece was rather easy. I knew exactly what I wanted to draw, so I was able to get this finished rather quickly. The concept came to me so easily that I started to worry if I've seen it done somewhere before and forgot about it. Various google searches came up with nothing, so I went along with my original concept. Colors for the top of the piece took awhile. I tried using blue at first, but the tatters started looking too much like water. Red was one of my first choices, but it was too chaotic. I went with a pale/drab purple because it reminded me a lot of necrosis, thus working well with the overall theme of mental illness and decay.


Made some revisions after my critique. The withering/shredding brain strand was a little too orderly, so I added more strands floating off in various directions.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Personals Ad

Assignment: Find a personals ad and illustrate the person who created the ad.

I found an average personals ad about a girl plagued with short-lived relationships. She describes her situation and goes on to making a list of things she wants in a relationship. The things were pretty simple: wanting to hold hands, being surprised with hugs, kisses, and gifts, etc. The whole ad was pretty... average, so instead of making a boring illustration of a girl crying in the corner, I portrayed the girl as being extremely needy and turned her into a black hole; I wanted to over exaggerate the whole ad. It was fun.