Friday, October 22, 2010

Splintering Bird (Cycles)

Done for my illustration class. Something to do with life, death, and the soul and physical "shell" returning to nature.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Scrap Metal Golem

This was done for my composition class. We had to choose an overall theme for all of our projects in this class, so I chose robots. The concept behind this robot is a small, spherical robot that manipulates scrap metal to form a body.

Some backstory (since my instructor wanted some sort of narrative to go along with my chosen theme): The actual robotic components of the golem are the little, metal spheres located at the center and at the joints of the golem. A single orb-shaped drone is able to form a clumsy, yet mobile, metal body while a body controlled by more than one drone can be highly complex and agile. Through the use of magnetism and coordinated teamwork, the drones are able to control their metal shells as if it encased a single entity. The drones are employed by a mysterious factory, which sends out the drones to retrieve valuable scrap metal and bring it back. The drones search for the metal, create a body out of the found metal, and walk back to the factory to deposit their findings and repeat the process. Several variations of the scrap metal golem exists and it is postulated that each drone has its own unique personality, which in turn affects the look and feel of its newly created body.