Friday, February 27, 2009


hey everybody!

Just to let everyone know, this blog won't be 100% dedicated to art; Every once in awhile I'll post about something interesting I've found, such as this article I read a couple days ago:

and here's a school project I completed a week ago:

The assignment was to pick an intrinsically small object and create a scaled up model of the object with wire. After the wire sculpture was made, we had to use paper mache to create an illusion of a solid form denigrating into nothing. I chose a hex nut as my object. It was a very painstaking process getting the shape right. the wire sculpture itself, without the paper mache, was very accurate and actually looked like a hex nut. however, when I added more wire to make a base for the paper mache, the shape was lost and most of the straight edges got rounded off. I'm really proud of the interior threading of the hex nut. That area took me the longest to construct and to paper mache, and I think the time that went into it really shows.

I've been working on another tee design for some random design contest. Here's a teaser :p