Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Wolf

Here's another piece I did for my composition class. I'm still sticking with my central concept of the story of little red riding hood set in the future, but I'm slowly starting to stray away from the original structure of the story and giving it my own spin. The title of this post is extremely misleading as there is no wolf in the painting, only a mass of cloth and flesh. I decided stretch the story a little bit and portray the wolf as a shape shifting creature. I thought it fit nicely since the wolf was a devious character in the original story. Plus, I just wanted to draw a monster. I've actually been drawing a lot of weird creatures in my sketchbook as of late. Lots of skinny legs and whatnot. Fun stuff.

and here's an early sketch:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Change the Thought

Whoa, I'm super stoked to be featured on the art blog, Change the Thought! I've been following the site since 2006, so I feel extremely honored to be showcased on a site that has featured and introduced to me several of my favorite artists that I've looked up to throughout the years.

I'd also like to thank my friend who got me posted on Supersonic Electronic a week ago. I think that played a big part in spreading my work around. Thanks :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Cycles" Screen Printed Posters

I decided to screen print one of my illustration assignments from last semester during my free time. I wasn't excited about the first colorway I printed, so I decided to print it again. I ended up printing A LOT of different colorways, but I kept the runs extremely small. I printed 5 of the orange variant, and only 13 on the blue variant (I haven't counted which prints came out perfect, though). The minty green variant is actually printed on back of the blue variant because I wanted to experiment without eating too much into my paper supply.

I might actually print another colorway next week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood... IN THE FUTURE!

Here's a project I did for my composition class. The compositional theme we were focusing on was diagonal themed compositions.

The concept behind my piece was, if the title didn't give it away already, Little Red Riding Hood in the future. The ongoing concept for my pieces in this class is the story of Little Red Riding Hood set to take place in a futuristic setting. It was painted using acrylic on masonite. I had the urge to scan it up and finish the piece digitally, but fought the temptation and worked traditionally through the entire piece.