Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wolf (RandR Apparel)

Hello everyone! Some of you might remember my wolf shirt that was available at Teefury a couple months ago. For those of you that missed out/weren't able to buy it at the time, GOOD NEWS FOR YOU: the shirt is now available at Rise and Resist Apparel. You can check it out here: http://www.randrtees.com/store/index.php/default/t-shirts/fable-of-wolf.html

Friday, March 20, 2009

don't leave me, dear

I made this for my grandma :p
I got really frustrated near the end when I was thickening some lines with a fountain pen. For reasons unknown the pen would barf up huge amounts of ink, leaving an uneven line. It was fun though and I enjoyed getting an art piece done. I feel that my color scheme choices are getting better. I have no idea what to name this piece. I might just go with the title of this post.

teh details. I always like drawing my horns with a wood grain. That's just how I do it.

It looks pretty sweet on a shirt, but I don't want it to seem like I copied Godmachine's shirt: http://emptees.com/tees/11046-architects

Some major alterations will be done if I ever decide to mock this up.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

update #4 (new 3D project)

I haven't drawn in so long, and I mean actually DRAWING. Sketching and doodling don' t count. So many ideas, yet so little time. I found some time, though, and I'm actually drawing right now. My grandma's birthday is coming up this weekend and my parents wanted me to draw her something nice. I liked the idea because now I HAVE to make time and draw. I like how the picture is turning out. It kind of looks too much like godmachine's illustration for the Architects because of the subject matter, so I tried to make it as unique as possible. I'll post it when I'm done.

I'm working on another project for my 3D design class. This time around we're working with multiples. Here's a little critter I made for the project:

This little guy is a little bigger than an inch, so he's pretty tiny. I made a silicone mother mold for him today in class, but I have no idea how the mold with turn out as I'm waiting for the silicone to set. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the mold :/

a couple articles I found interesting/amusing:


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"It looks like a decapitated dog"

This is my sculpture project for my 3D design class! Took me forever to complete. I spent 20 hours working on the last phase (the biggest sculpture) on last saturday and sunday alone... I lost track of how many hours I spented working on it on thursday and friday, so I put in way more than 20 hours!

Anyways, the assignment was an exercise in exterior and interior space. The assignment objective was to create three sculptures, having the first sculpture demonstrating outer skin, the second sculpture being twice the size of the previous step and demonstrating interior planes, and the third and final step being twice the size of the second step and demonstrating a combination of outer skin and interior planes.

My first step. We had to create five shapes with bristol board/poster board and glue them togethor to create an interesting composition. I used two eight-sided diamons, a triangle, and two other random shapes. I just created a random form, and was happy when I realized that my final product looked like a talon or claw... in my opinion. Kevin thinks it looks like a giraffe, and my professor said it looked like a decapitated dog. lawl.

The second phase. The same form of the first phase, only twice the size and displaying only interior cross sections. The picture doesn't do it justice... you really have to hold it in your hand to really appreciate the planning and work that went into creating this piece. The whole thing is slot-contructed, so there's no glue holding the planes together. You can basically take apart the whole entire sculpture if you wanted to. Each plane works with one another and combines the shapes into one solid form; I didn't just make five different shapes and glue them all togethor, this thing is one piece except for the two diamonds in the front.

My third and final phase, demonstrating the combination of interior planes and exterior skin. Extremly challenging. The whole sculpture was created using slot-contruction, but then I had to use hot glue to attach the exterior planes. The shapes are more solid and can't be taken apart to their slot-contructed pieces, but the main shapes (excluding the top shape) can be removed from the main spine of the sculpture, allowing you to break down the sculpture for transportation. The class was in awe when I took apart and reassembled my sculpture in front of them :p

This is one of the main planes in the lower-rear shapes being prepared for slot contruction. A lot of measuring, but a lot neater than just gluing the whole thing.

This is the main plane, or spine as I like to call it, of the third phase's sculpture. this is the most important piece in the sculpture since all of the other shapes are attached to it.

Contruction of the third phase sculpture.

Slot construction in progress.

Gluing of exterior planes to the back shape.

Final products. Hey look! a family of giraffes! or decapitated dogs, whatever.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

update #3 (Quiksilver Contest)

I decided to enter a contest for Quiksilver, hosted by DBH. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but the final product was like nothing I had in mind. I'm kind of surprised at the lack of votes/loves it has received. Maybe the design was too simple?

I've been stressing over my sculpture since the beginning of friday. I haven't done anything else but work on it. Im almost done, but it's going to take another half-day to finish it. luckily, I have a full day tomorrow. I'm upset that it does't disassemble as easily as I planned. I should have known that the pieces wouldn't allow eachother to slide away. I managed to fix it alittle bit, but disassembling is still a chore. lame. On the bright side, I doubt I'd have to take it apart that often.

now to sleep.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

update #2 (DBH)

I've decided to take the leap and upload my design to Design by Humans (DBH), a vast community of designers that submit tee designs in hopes of winning various contests and getting their designs printed. I don't know why I all the sudden had to upload my shirt in such a frantic matter. Maybe it was because Jimiyo, the designer that curated my shirt design at Teefury, was joining DBH's ranks and he was to pick a design to instantly get printed and the artist of the design gets $1000... but who knows.

Keep track of how many votes I'm getting here; at the moment I have 60 votes: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/46479?page=1

At first, I was really concerned about submitting my design/art. I feel that It is one of my stronger art pieces, one that I can maybe sell prints of if I ever get big enough. But then I thought it over... If I were to sell it to any other shirt company, I wouldn't get that much out of it. Also, if I ever get big enough, I would probably most likely have better pieces of art by then. In other words, I can't just sit around and obsess over one of my art pieces forever. I just have to produce a better piece and try to outdo my last piece.

Speaking about shirt designs, I'm probably gonna slow down on designing shirts for now (as if I'm not already going slow enough). I feel the need to sit down and just create art for hanging on your wall and not shirts. I still have ideas for shirts though, and I feel that the ideas can work both on a wall and on a shirt, so maybe I'll kill two birds with one stone.

update on my sculpture project: It was a pain, but I'm almost done with my third and final sculpture for my project. Well... not quite almost, but I'm about 1/3 done??? A lot of measuring and a couple mistakes here and there, but the rest should be cake now that I've got a working frame.

also, I have a ton of sketches I never uploaded. I'll try to post them once I find enough time to get them all nicely scanned :3

Sunday, March 1, 2009

update #1 (where's the art???)

I've noticed that I've barely done any art since the spring semester started. Besides sketches and little doodles, the only art pieces I've created were for school projects. My classes have been doing a good job at keeping me busy and occupied. At least I'm focused in my studies though.

It has been awhile since my last shirt design. I have a bunch of sketches and ideas for new designs, but never find adequate time to get them done. Heck, I even have half finished designs/art pieces laying around that are yet to be finished.

I was able to get my class assignments done the day before, so I had a semi-free day to do some art. I also finished a cardboard sculpture for my 3D design class. It's pretty cool and I learned a lot from making it. It's a three-part sculpture project, so I'll post pictures of it once I finish the last sculpture for the project.

The color schemes I choose when watercoloring are too bright. I'm gonna change that (for the better, of course).

and I might be getting another design printed at Teefury.com. I'll keep y'all posted.