Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I was super busy with the starting of classes and whatnot, but managed to scrap together enough time to make my mom a card.

This was interesting. Started out as a ink pen drawing, then added some ink washes to it and messed it all up, and then decided to cover up the ink wash poo by turning the whole thing into a acrylic painting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owls and Wires

Here are a couple of illustrations I did during my break from classes. All designs are applicable as shirt designs even though I didn't mock them up on a shirt template.

This one took me awhile to do. It's a redo of an older design I did 9 months ago. I redid the line work once I purchased my tablet, but set the design aside because I was too busy with school. I just recently finished it... FOR GOOD!

Here's another design I finally had time to finish. Yup, it's based off my oil painting. At first I had a waterfall flowing down the faces, but it didn't look as good as I wanted, so I redid the design and replaced the waterfalls and streams with wires. It's funny how I started with one theme and then ditched it in favor of a theme that contrasted with it in terms of meaning: The natural stream of consciousness vs. the technologically "wired" minds of today. Natural vs. Artificial.

For the past month, I've been striving to be as productive as possible with my free time since I might have a very limited amount of it next semester. I used a lot of my time working on my art projects for just one class last semester, so I'm expecting to be super busy this upcoming semester with the two art classes I decided to take. I'm excited though because I'm going to be constantly churning out art and hopefully some really great pieces for my portfolio. Who knows, maybe I won't be as busy as I imagined.

As for striving to be as productive as possible, I think I've achieved that. I've probably never been as productive with art during any other break as I was during this break. I remember at the very beginning of the break I would always wake up early at around 8am and sleep around 12am AND would actually have trouble trying to sleep in late. Funny because it's usually the other way around for me. I would wake up and just do art all day. There were a couple weeks were I got into painting with acrylics and that was fun. I never got around to doing another oil painting, though. There's just so much planning involved, so the spontaneity of acrylic painting seems attractive. All in all, It was a good break.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Was originally for Design By Human's contest for Quiksilver, but it never got anywhere. Thankfully, Billabong was interested! You can get the shirts here:

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Another acrylic painting. The painting looks dark when you see it in person, but the branches are painted using gloss medium so you can see them every once in awhile when they reflect light. I need to make a habit of painting all the way to the border. Happy Birthday to my cousin!