Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stuff I completely forgot to post.

Here are some assignments I did for my illustration class last semester (the semester that just ended). I was meaning to post these right after completing them, but whoop dee doo I forgot.

Assignment: Using only reference sketches and memory, complete a drawing that demonstrates the moods and/or feelings of a particular place or area.

I took the easy way out and drew my room. Not only was it an easy location to visit ( sarcasm, I'm always in my room), I practically know my room inside and out, making the need for reference sketches almost obsolete. I wanted to convey a warm and cozy feeling, but I don't think that worked out too well. I wanted the finished piece to have a sketchbook feel to it, so I drew out all my lines and then scanned the drawing up so I could thicken some of the lines in photoshop. I'm fond of using minty green colors, so that's why I decided to color my walls in said color. Next!

Assignment: Pick an editorial article and create an illustration for it; Narrative illustration project. (Somewhat bummed out that we weren't going to actually illustrate a story. I was looking forward to drawing knights and dragons).

The article I chose to illustrate was about stem cell research. The finished illustration was pretty straight forward; A stream of stem cells flowing from a petri dish, changing into nerve cells. It didn't really illustrate the article specifically and could have been used for any article about anything relating to stem cells. I had a different concept that had a scientist surfing on a stem cell with student interns surfing behind him while he led the way, which would have worked with the article better since the article was about students interning with real researchers, but I scrapped the idea because it wasn't serious enough for the publication.

Looking back at all my assignments from my illustration classes, I can conclude that my style was all over the place and I didn't do too well when it came to picking a style and sticking with it. I can tell, though, that the stem cell illustration shares similarities with my past illustration of an unraveling brain, meaning that I was starting to settle down with some sort of style.

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