Friday, June 11, 2010


I always like to record my process on my pieces from start to finish, but I always tend to remember to do so when I'm already halfway through a piece. Luckily, I remembered to do it for this piece! This piece took around 6-7 hours, which is pretty fast (it usually takes days for me to get stuff done). Those 6-7 work hours were divided into two sessions, with 3 hours in between the two sessions for sleep/break (I ended up getting no sleep and pretty much stayed up all night).

I was extremely proud of myself and impressed at how fast I was able to get this finished. I thought the overall piece looked too much like Aaron Horkey's work (the drop shadow idea was inspired by his work), but my brother said that the overall piece was my style. His statement has validity due to the fact that he is a die hard Horkey fan, owning a couple of Horkey prints and spending too much money on prints altogether. Coincidentally, it was my friend's birthday the day that I completed this piece, so she got it as a birthday present!

Not coincidence, actually. I felt like drawing a gift for them, haha!

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