Wednesday, June 23, 2010

S'more Digital Paintings

I've been working nonstop as of late, so I have a lot of work to show!.. but I'll save some of it for another post. I'll start off with an updated version of an older piece.

Lately I've been fond of adding little floating particles to my pieces. It adds more dimension to my work and it keeps the piece from looking too clean and flat.

This piece was inspired by my D&D human rogue character from long ago! My character liked to throw knives. Took forever to get done, but I'm glad that I stuck with it till the very end. I learned so much while doing this piece (Note the dust particles floating in the air and the use of blurring). I also approached this piece differently than my older pieces in that I worked in gray scale and then added color afterward; this way gives me more control over the colors. I'm proud of how far I got with the piece, but the composition feels a little weird to me.

Here's another game character, but this time from World of Warcraft (that's right, I gave the 10 day trial a try). I tried painting this guy by using a solid black silhouette as the base. The final image turned out a lot darker than planned, so I had to lighten him up. It would have been easier to start off with a mid tone. I traced the solid-base silhouette from a screen shot of the character, so the proportions look weird because of the character stylization, not me! However, I think I really really messed up on how really knees and elbow joints are suppose to looke like :p

Yup, he's missin' his jaw! And eyes. But that's fairly normal for an undead.

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