Thursday, March 19, 2009

update #4 (new 3D project)

I haven't drawn in so long, and I mean actually DRAWING. Sketching and doodling don' t count. So many ideas, yet so little time. I found some time, though, and I'm actually drawing right now. My grandma's birthday is coming up this weekend and my parents wanted me to draw her something nice. I liked the idea because now I HAVE to make time and draw. I like how the picture is turning out. It kind of looks too much like godmachine's illustration for the Architects because of the subject matter, so I tried to make it as unique as possible. I'll post it when I'm done.

I'm working on another project for my 3D design class. This time around we're working with multiples. Here's a little critter I made for the project:

This little guy is a little bigger than an inch, so he's pretty tiny. I made a silicone mother mold for him today in class, but I have no idea how the mold with turn out as I'm waiting for the silicone to set. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the mold :/

a couple articles I found interesting/amusing:

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