Thursday, March 5, 2009

update #2 (DBH)

I've decided to take the leap and upload my design to Design by Humans (DBH), a vast community of designers that submit tee designs in hopes of winning various contests and getting their designs printed. I don't know why I all the sudden had to upload my shirt in such a frantic matter. Maybe it was because Jimiyo, the designer that curated my shirt design at Teefury, was joining DBH's ranks and he was to pick a design to instantly get printed and the artist of the design gets $1000... but who knows.

Keep track of how many votes I'm getting here; at the moment I have 60 votes:

At first, I was really concerned about submitting my design/art. I feel that It is one of my stronger art pieces, one that I can maybe sell prints of if I ever get big enough. But then I thought it over... If I were to sell it to any other shirt company, I wouldn't get that much out of it. Also, if I ever get big enough, I would probably most likely have better pieces of art by then. In other words, I can't just sit around and obsess over one of my art pieces forever. I just have to produce a better piece and try to outdo my last piece.

Speaking about shirt designs, I'm probably gonna slow down on designing shirts for now (as if I'm not already going slow enough). I feel the need to sit down and just create art for hanging on your wall and not shirts. I still have ideas for shirts though, and I feel that the ideas can work both on a wall and on a shirt, so maybe I'll kill two birds with one stone.

update on my sculpture project: It was a pain, but I'm almost done with my third and final sculpture for my project. Well... not quite almost, but I'm about 1/3 done??? A lot of measuring and a couple mistakes here and there, but the rest should be cake now that I've got a working frame.

also, I have a ton of sketches I never uploaded. I'll try to post them once I find enough time to get them all nicely scanned :3

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