Friday, August 7, 2009


This mass of cardboard and twisted wire is my attempt to make a working live trap to catch the mice that have decided to hang out in my kitchen. Funny how I used a fatal spring snap mouse trap as the trigger mechanism for my non-fatal mouse trap. Go ahead and laugh, this thing works!!!

I was still full of energy, so I made another one! This one feels more refined, even though it still looks like crap. I like the arms closing the door better on this one.

If you look carefully, you can see the trigger bar inside the trap... which triggers the snap trap on top... which closes the door.

Edit: yea, it works. Caught the mouse last night!


  1. I demand video of how it works. >:D

  2. I'm pretty sure a mouse could get out of that. You should put a bell or something on top so when it goes off it will ring and wake you up or just get your attention to go over and grab it right away. Very cool!

  3. HA! no vid! the mystery is part of the magic, oOoOoOoOo

    Yea, a mouse could definitely chew it's way out if it wanted to. The snapping of the trap is loud enough to confirm a catch. I'm gonna make another one, so I'll see if I can throw a bell on that one haha

  4. So what happens to the mouse after you catch it?