Wednesday, June 24, 2009

update #19 (tarantula wasp caught?!?! not quite...)

Since yesterday, I've been reluctant to enter/use my bathroom due to a tarantula hawk ( that wandered in through the ripped screen window. In an attempt to reclaim my throne, I devised a complex plan to capture the fiend and safely release it outside where it belongs.

step 1: Get a plastic tube and make some legs to keep it from rolling over (hence the straws taped to the sides of the tube). Dribbles some orange juice near the entrance and make a trail leading to the end of said tube.

Step 2: Carefully place in close proximity of target. Wait.

Step 3: Periodically check from afar to see if the trap has been sprung. If so, slowly cap the end of the tube. The wasp will fly around crazily in the tube and will scare the shart out of you, but whatever you do DO NOT DROP THE TUBE.

Step 4: If you haven't dropped the tube or been stung by now and the tube is securely capped with the target inside, congratulations! You've just caught a ridiculously large wasp!

Step 5: Examine your catch before you decide to release it into the wild. Are the wings rust orange like a tarantula hawk, or are they black like a great black wasp? If you just caught a great black wasp, congratulations! You've just freaked out and screamed like a little girl for nothing.

great black wasp

tarantula hawk

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