Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I've never worked so quickly yet so intricately in such a short amount of time. Started this piece at 4-5am and worked for 1-2 hours, slept, celebrated father's day with the family, then worked a couple more hours around 8pm. Something like this would usually take me a week to complete. I was surprised that I did it in less than a day, and had the time to give it to my dad. Happy father's day! Wouldn't this make a pretty neat Teefury shirt? With the thunder bolt in the eyes and all? haha

I focused a lot on detail and precision for this piece. I've noticed that a lot of my work has been half-assed in some areas, usually because I rush to see the final product and cut corners... not good, especially since this yields in low quality work. I told myself to slow down and take a breath after each line and make sure I knew what I was going to do before the quill touched the paper.

Also, I went out and bought a couple frames and FINALLY framed my dad's birthday gift. I actually presented this to my dad and said it was his father's day gift, but then reminded him that it was his birthday present and that the frame was the actual gift.


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