Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Drawlloween 2016!

Drawlloween is almost upon us! All creatives and non-creatives alike are invited to join in on this spooky month-long challenge during the month of October. Doodle, ink, paint, photograph, film, design, write, compose a song, choreograph a dance (or whatever) your way through the month according to the daily topics and interpret them to your heart’s content (that’s the best part). Be sure to tag your creations with #drawlloween and or #drawlloween2016 so we can all check out what you’ve come up with!


  1. I rather enjoyed drawing from your list last year-- the prompts are concrete yet simple, with lots of room to riff on the concepts. Will you be doing another one this year?

    1. Hi Anthony! Thanks! Yes, I'll be doing another Drawlloween this year and will post a list for it sometime this week.