Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Log Slices

My friends Kirsten and Garrett got married over the weekend! They asked a couple of friends and I to create some decorations to display at their wedding celebration. We were each given a log slice and a list of topics to start us off, but we were pretty much free to do as we pleased. I drew a succulent that turned out looking more like a lotus! I used a generous amount of sanding and gesso to try to get rid of the deep cuts in the wood surface, but in the end I really liked all of the gouges. The final art was done using an ink brush pen and ink pens.

I also worked on some coaster-sized log slices as well! These were originally supplied as test pieces to prepare for the larger log slice. The taco heart was done with acrylic and ink, while the succulent was done with an ink brush pen.

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