Sunday, June 3, 2012

GR2 "Game Over" Art Exhibition

Giant Robot 2's "Game Over" art exhibition opened yesterday, and the turn out was great! Luckily I dropped by just as the exhibit was opening, because the gallery was jam packed later into the night! Here are some of my friends' pieces and some other pieces that I happened to take pictures of.

Here's my piece for the show! I just had to create a Metal Gear Solid themed piece; I didn't want to create a piece based on any other game, it had to be an MGS game. I decided to draw Gray Fox (AKA, the cyborg ninja). I started the piece out digitally using photoshop to work out my sketch. Then I printed out the sketch, transferred it to paper and did the inking traditionally. Finally, I scanned in my inkwork and finished up the piece digitally.


And here's the original ink drawing for the piece:

A huge thank you to everyone that was able to attend! The show is up until June 27th. More info about the show HERE!

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