Sunday, January 22, 2012

Collab with Kevin Luong

Super excited to post this! This was a collaborative illustration with my brother, Kevin Luong. He and I have been trying to figure out what to draw for our collaborative piece for awhile, but had trouble coming up with anything. One day he showed me a sketch of a severed panther head he had drawn in his sketchbook, and from there our collaboration began.

The process was fairly straightforward: I drew my sketch over the photo of Kevin's original sketch, and then passed it on to him so he can work on/erase/add on to what I've sketched out. We passed the piece back and forth for awhile, adding onto what was there and sometimes redrawing what was already drawn.

The finished piece came out great! Kevin's drawing style came out shining brighter in the end, but I'm content knowing that I did my fair share in the piece. Our goal was to meld our drawing styles together to create a unified finished piece, in opposed to just having a piece where I would draw something in it and then have him draw something in it and call it finished. This was a nice project, and the outcome was well worth the time invested.

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