Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This one was done fairly quickly. I've been trying to add a more traditional feel to my digital illustrations without completely overdoing it. The washes I had on this image were super super dark at first, but then I pushed them back a lot in the final image. The illustration looks pretty cool on a shirt, too!

The illustration was looking a little too cold now that I've been staring at it for awhile, so I added some warmth to fit the mood better.

Edit, again:
Ok, last revision: Added highlights.


  1. Was the original illustration all done digitally?? or did you draw it by hand and scan it in?
    And if you scanned it in. What size was your drawing??

    This is phenomenal by the way.

  2. Hello, I just answered your question over at mintees! Yes, this was completely done digitally, except for the watercolor washes/textures that were scanned in. If I were to have done this illustration traditionally with the intent of printing it on shirts/posters, I would have drawn it slightly larger than what I want the actual size of the printed design to be. For example, if I wanted my printed design to be 15 by 23 inches, I would draw my design to be around 16 by 24 inches and just shrink down the scanned image to the size I want.