Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heavens - Fear

I did this illustration for my senior projects class. The whole class (made up of art historians, graphic designers, fine artists and illustrators) worked together to create a book filled with illustrations and text.

The overall theme of the book was the heavens, and my topic for the book was fear. My illustration depicts a girl that is about to receive a halo, but then she gets punk'd and the halo gets shattered and the monster says "sike, you gonna go to hellllll!" other words, my illustration was basically about the fear of not knowing whether you'll get into heaven or not. I'm not a religious person... I just wanted to draw a monster but had to settle with drawing monster hands for the assignment.

I'm really stoked at how the image came out, though! It was the first time I've had a high quality/decent quality printout of one of my illustrations. I'm also proud of the illustration in itself; I learned a lot from it.

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