Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Cycles" Screen Printed Posters

I decided to screen print one of my illustration assignments from last semester during my free time. I wasn't excited about the first colorway I printed, so I decided to print it again. I ended up printing A LOT of different colorways, but I kept the runs extremely small. I printed 5 of the orange variant, and only 13 on the blue variant (I haven't counted which prints came out perfect, though). The minty green variant is actually printed on back of the blue variant because I wanted to experiment without eating too much into my paper supply.

I might actually print another colorway next week!


  1. Hi Brian- I came across your Carbon Made account and then tracked down your blog courtesy of the Lumper feature this week. I posted a short bit on your work on my blog at...
    I really admire your work- I've always tried to be disciplined with my visual art work, but text and writing seem to be my strong suits... thanks for the inspiration, though-
    Tyler Austin Bradley

  2. Thanks, Tyler! Always honored to be a source of inspiration.