Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Have You Been Up To, Brian?

Digital painting, that's what.

These were all done using photoshop. The first painting was for my digital illustration class. We had to paint a landscape twice, each portraying dawn or dusk. The project gave me the tools and knowledge to do a digital painting, but the next three paintings of the snow scapes were the real catalysts that got the ball rolling. I painted the first snow scape for fun, and then decided to make a storyline out of it. I guess the story is about a lost soul searching for something. I started painting on my free time and from what I noticed, I got exponentially better after completing each painting. The last painting was done straight from my mind, which was nice because it showed me how creative I could be. The face came out too Asian, though.

I always wanted to get into digital painting, but I didn't know where to start. Sure, I could have watched tutorials online... but that never occurred to me. Learning how to do it has opened a door of possibilities for me. A door I plan on walking through.


  1. these are so good man. what class is this? you're @ csun right?

  2. Thanks! The first two were for my Digital Illustration class, and the rest were just for fun. Yup, I'm at CSUN!