Thursday, April 23, 2009

update #10 (the world)

So I had a group project in my 3D design class and the assignment was to create an inflatable demonstrating volume. The form didn't have to be intricate, but it did have to be interesting to look at. I was surprised at how well my group worked and how everyone did their part. The initial idea was achieved as a group, but I found myself leading the group later down the road and coordinating what had to be done, making the key decisions, figuring out how things would work out, drawing out plans, and so forth. I might have been the mind behind the creation, but I wouldn't have been able to complete the project by the deadline if it weren't for my team.

It was interesting working on the inflatable in my garage due to the limited space and constantly having to walk around the van whenever I wanted to look at the other side since it completely blocked the garage. The inflatable wasn't even able to reach it's maximum size. This is probably the largest thing I've ever worked on.

The world, to-go! This is the inflatable strapped to a box fan and a bottom stand. According to the plan I had in my head, the box fan would lay flat with the inflatable strapped on top and when the fan is turned on the inflatable will balloon upward and out; The fan will be totally hidden under the inflatable, thus making it more aesthetically appealing. I have yet to test it out though... so... yea, not 100% sure it will go as planned.

UPDATE: It works!!!!!

I like how it sways and slightly rolls on its side in the wind; it looks like it has a life of its own.

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